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Try Model Train Catalogue Exhibitors Edition free.

The Exhibitor’s Edition is based on the Original Model Train Catalogue but adds functionality to allow you to make a list of the Stock that you take to Exhibitions or other functions. It allows you to prepare reports showing what you are taking and how much the value is for Insurance purposes.

For Digital stock, it optionally provides a list of Loco names and DCC addresses too.

This edition is multi-national and allows for American and International paper sized outputs, differing date formats and currencies.

Latest Version 2.08E - 31/10/23. For existing MTC users, this update is free. It installs separately to the Original MTC, leaving that intact, but allows you to restore your data from an Original MTC backup.

Have a look at the Model Train Catalogue Manual and see what it does and how easy it is for you to use.

About this download:

This download is guaranteed free from any virus and other malware infections. Some browsers are very cautious and if you receive a download warning message, please continue as it is quite safe to do so. More information will be found in the Installation Instructions that can be downloaded below. Model Train Catalogue is ‘White Listed’ by Symantec (Norton).

Model Train Catalogue Exhibitors Edition Demo

Model Train Catalogue Exhibitors Edition Manual (PDF)


Model Train Catalogue Installation Instructions  (PDF)  

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